Filming in Iran

Iran Air B727 Crew

Filming in Iran again!

Returning and filming in Iran was fantastic. I was here 5 years ago and had a great time, so I was really looking forward to this return trip.

This time I came in the summer, and boy it was hot!

Returning to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran I was bussed to the B727 of the day, EP-IRT, the same aircraft I flew in 2005.
It was early morning and the sun was still below the horison and the mountains. It felt soo good to step inside the classic cockpit of the Boeing 727 and see all the instruments lit up and ready to go. As I was setting up my equipment and familiarising with the cockpit crew the Captain asked me how I wanted it. As we discussed the plans he made the best of it and sat in the right seat, just for the filming so I could get the best possible footage. That’s going the extra mile for us!

The jumpseat is placed right behind the Captains (left seat) and this makes it very hard to film him. Now having him in the right seat I could work very well with him and get good footage. Perfect. If it only was that easy all the time!

We left our stand at THR just before sunrise and I just sat there with the biggest smile as we rushed down the runway with the three engines roaring far behind us. I had forgotten how silent and nice the B727 cockpit was. Not like the aircraft with engines placed under the wings, this is something different!

On ground in Bandar Abbass it was HOT. And I mean it. I am the type of guy who loves warm weather. And here I really go what I was asking for, it was steaming! So if you watch the walkaround on the video, remember it was over 40’C and following a crewmember around the aircraft carrying a heavy camera…
I loved the water I was offered as I entered the cabin again afterwards!

Iran Air B727 EP-IRT
Iran Air B727 EP-IRT

The ground stop at BND also gave me the opportunity I needed for some crew shots. Despite the heat the lovely girls from the cabin stepped out with me for some shots.

Iran Air B727 Crew
Iran Air B727 Crew

At the time I filmed in Iran they used EP-IRT and EP-IRS.
They had 2 more Boeing 727’s at the time, EP-IRR and EP-IRP but they were both in the hangar for heavy checks.
Unfortunately EP-IRP crashed short after returning to service on approach to Orumiyeh (OMH). Very sad.

Today Iran Air operates 3 Boeing 727-200’s:
EP-IRR – first flew in 1974
EP-IRS – first flew in 1974
EP-IRT – first flew in 1975
All 3 B727’s were delivered brand new to Iran Air from the Boeing factory and have been in service with Iran Air since then. That is fantastic. Despite all the sanctions the US are putting on the country, the airline still manages to keep them in service. Impressive!

EDIT: All Iran Air B727’s are now taken out of service. This video is truly a historical document of a fantastic aircraft in service with Iran Air.

As we returned to Tehran later the same afternoon we taxied past another B727, EP-IRS.

Iran Air B727 EP-IRS - Filming in Iran
Iran Air B727 EP-IRS

You can see the route map and more photos in our page for Iran Air B727 here.
I am very happy and excited over the fact that I managed to film this classic B727 with our modern filming equipment, providing us with excellent footage filmed in HD and widescreen. Saved for the future!

You can find the result in our webshop – Iran Air B727-200 Cockpit DVD Flight Deck Action series.