B737NG in Africa

It was just before the big migration of wildebeests that I once again came down to Nairobi to work with Kenya Airways.

It was fantastic to meet the crews again on Kenya Airways as we started filming for the B737-800 cockpit DVD.

Some crews I had flewn with before on my first visit back in 2002. Always a pleasure meeting “old” crews like that, it makes for a very good flight!
And some good laughs off camera too..

I was very happy with the crews this time. First 2 legs was with Captain Peter Makau who was fantastic with the camera. You will notice when you watch the DVD how relaxed he is and how easily he explains the systems for us. He compares the different versions of Boeing 737’s Kenya Airways operate. B737-300, B737-700 and the brand new B737-800.
interesting to hear about the features that separates them.

Kenya Airways B737 - Winglet



Luckily we were on a longer flight with him, so he had lots of time showing the B737-800 cockpit for the camera.


Kenya Airways crew

Later one we travelled west into Africa and this is where I visited 2 new countries! Yes, Central African Republic and Cameroon as new for me.

The first stop was Bangui in Central African Republic where we had to wait on board while the French president boarded his aircraft and departed.
Security was high around the airport but we were allowed to land and wait, as opposed to stay in holding while they departed.

Next stop was Douala in Cameroon and this turned out to be a nice approach!

A CB on approach provided a heavy rainshower on short final and we really had to look for the runway. “Approaching minimum” was more than a call out this time.
Very nice and I think it shows on camera too!

Enjoy our new cockpit DVD – Kenya Airways B737-800