Cockpit DVD in the series Flightdeck Action.

Captain Michaux’s briefing prepares us for the spectacular landing at DZA.
Outside temperature is 32’C, and there is terrain on short final and a displaced threshold on rwy 16.

Join the approach of a Boeing 777-200ER with a landing weight of 187 000 kg, inbound a captain’s only airport, autobreak set at MAX AUTO and the available landing distance is only 1680 m…

Welcome to the world of FLIGHTDECK ACTION.



UU771 RUN Reunion Island – SYD Sydney, Australia
UU772 SYD Sydney, Australia – RUN Reunion Island
UU274 RUN Reunion Island – DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
UU275 DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte – RUN Reunion Island

Pre-Flight Walkaround
Cockpit Presentation
Crew Presentations
Pilot Profiles
Cockpit Crew Briefing
Cabin Footage
Wing View
Crew Check In
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

Running Time: 175 Minutes ( 2 Hours 55 Minutes)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.



B777 cockpit at night
Briefing before the flight to RUN
Approach rwy 16
Panel B777


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