Cockpit Videos on blu-ray and DVD

FLIGHTDECK ACTION is a cockpit video series filmed in HD (High Definition) and  wide-screen using multiple cameras providing you with new, fresh angles of the pilots as they fly spectacular approaches worldwide.
The cockpit videos are available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD but also as Instant streaming and HD Download.

This cockpit video series is produced by Viking Wings, one of the leading cockpit video producers today on the market (previously known as Viking Aviation Photo). Our main photographer: Tommy Mogren is one of the most experienced cockpit videographer and photographer in the world.
With over 15 years of experience in this very special field he has the experience, knowledge and passion required to bring you the best possible videos from each flight.

Tommy Mogren

All FLIGHTDECK ACTION videos are filmed during a full service flight, this is no studio or simulator setup! This is the real thing! There are no ‘Take 2’! 
Real pilots flying with passengers or cargo in real situations and you are invited to join them in the best seat!

So, put on your headset, strap yourself in and enjoy the show,