Cockpit DVD in the series Flight Deck Action.

Welcome on board KENYA AIRWAYS and their new and lovely Boeing 737-800.

Once again you are invited to experience the PRIDE OF AFRICA. Kenya Airways extend their hospitality to you as you fly on 5 interesting African routes with them.
During almost 4 hours you will get to know the B737-800 and learn the differences between the B737-700, B737-300 and this B737-800.

Captain Makau will guide you through the first 2 flights to OR Tambo Intl. Airport in Johannesburg. He really explains the flight for you, including cockpit presentation, routes, operational procedures and his flying history.
Captain Hamdan is your host for the 2 next flights deep into central Africa. Lovely flights with a near minimum visibility landing in Douala in heavy rain.

You will also experience a full flight in the cabin! Watch the cabin preparations from closing doors to opening them again back in Nairobi.

This almost 4 hour long DVD takes you on board 5 flights on the B737NG for an African treat!

Welcome to the world of FLIGHT DECK ACTION.



KQ760 NBO Nairobi – Jomo Kenyatta International – JNB Johannesburg, South Africa
JNB Johannesburg, South Africa – NBO Nairobi – Jomo Kenyatta International
KQ576 NBO Nairobi – Jomo Kenyatta International – BGF Bangui, Central African Republic
KQ576 BGF Bangui, Central African Republic – DLA Douala – Cameroon
KQ576 DLA Douala – Cameroon – NBO Nairobi – Jomo Kenyatta International


Crew Presentations
Cockpit Presentation
Pilot Profiles
Cabin Footage
Wing views
Approach briefings
Cabin Preparations
Full flight in the cabin
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

Running Time: 230 Minutes, almost 4 Hours! ( 3 hours 50 minutes)

Flight Deck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.



The lovely B737-800

Captain Makau


Explaining the CDU for you

Great Cabin Crew at work


Line up for departure

Always friendly crews

Views of Mount Kilimanjaro

Cockpit presentations explains the Primary Flight Display

A full flight in the cabin shows you work onboard

Follow our route

Approach in very rainy weather

Cockpit Presentation

Vertical Path

Profile view during takeoff

Beautiful winglet

Loading a spare wheel

Shoulder view during approach


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